What’s Going On with our Facebook??

Some of you may have noticed that something has not quite been right with our Facebook–in other words, it isn’t showing up in your friends list anymore. Or anywhere, for that matter. Our old Facebook page (NOT our profile) is still up, but we’re not posting on it anymore. We’d like to let you know what’s been going on, and what we’re doing about it.

Thanks to a snafu with Facebook, we’ve been unable to log into our FB account for several weeks. Every time we take the steps their system prescribes to resolve the issue, it traps us in an endless loop–and there’s no one we can talk to about it over there because for all their people and money and stuff, FB doesn’t actually have a customer service department. And because we are the sole admin for the old La Dolce Vita Coffee Facebook page, and since we can’t log in anymore–that page sits stagnant, probably forever. So…basically, the only solution we’ve been able to come up with is to abandon our old profile and create an ENTIRELY NEW Facebook presence from scratch. This consists of a NEW Facebook page for “La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop” (which you can see here, if you’re on Facebook) and a new Facebook profile by Debbie Hansen, our owner.


FIRST–If you were friends with us on Facebook before, you’re likely to get a Facebook friend request from “Debbie Hansen,” if you haven’t already. She is the owner of LDV, and she’s really nice. (But you probably already knew that.) Hers is the profile that is replacing the old “La Dolce Vita” profile, so for personal updates, go ahead and friend her, if you like.

SECOND–Please, please, please, PLEASE go to the NEW Facebook Page for La Dolce Vita Coffee Shop and click the “Like” button. From now on, THIS is the place where you’ll be able to keep up with us on Facebook with news, updates pics and fun stuff.

Sorry for any confusion this has all caused. We are definitely still here, and still on Facebook. Please reconnect with us there!

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